Walmart ATMs – Everything You Need to Know

Walmart is a retail giant that offers a lot of services for its customers. From check cashing to money transfers and even offering a debit card that is free for anyone to use, Walmart has something for everyone. One service that many customers may not be aware of is the ATM machines that they offer in their stores. Often, these machines will be located towards the front of the store near the customer service desk, and they will usually charge a fee between $1-$4. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know About Walmart ATMs and whether or not there are any limits or fees to consider before using one.

Are Walmart ATMs Free?

Walmart has a large number of ATM machines that are available to use. Often, these machines will be located at the front of the store and are clearly marked with a blue “ATM” sign. Most of the time, the machine will also have a MoneyPass or MoneyCenter logo on it to indicate that you will be charged a fee for using it. Depending on the location, some of the ATM machines will also have a local bank ATM attached to them to help cut down on ATM fees for some customers.

While most of the time, Walmart’s ATM machines will cost you a small transaction fee, they aren’t the only place to get your cash. Most of the time, Walmart will also provide you with a paper receipt for your transaction and this can be used at any other local ATM to get a refund on any fees you may have paid at the Walmart ATM.

In addition to standard ATM machines, many Walmart locations now offer crypto-enabled Bitcoin ATMs. The retailer has partnered with Coinstar, which has installed 200 kiosks inside some of its cavernous stores, to allow shoppers to buy the cryptocurrency in exchange for a voucher they can use later at a Walmart.

These machines enable customers to buy small amounts of bitcoin with cash or a major credit or debit card. Customers will need to pass a background check to qualify for this service, which is a big step up from the usual way people buy bitcoin through online exchanges.

The new machines are a part of Walmart’s push to diversify its financial services and make them more attractive to consumers who are turning away from traditional banking institutions. Besides its own branded ATMs, Walmart also operates one of the largest networks of check-cashing operations in the country and provides loans through its stores. It has been fighting opponents to its application for a banking charter in order to offer retail financial services to its customers, although the company says it doesn’t plan to enter retail banking if the industrial loan company charter is approved. Nonetheless, the ATMs are a significant move in that direction.