Tanker Accident Lawyer

While all motor vehicle accidents are dangerous, tanker truck collisions can be particularly devastating for many reasons. These large commercial vehicles are designed to transport liquid, which can range from something as simple as milk to as serious as toxic chemicals. When a tanker collides with another vehicle, it can cause catastrophic injuries for everyone involved. These types of crashes typically take place on highways and freeways due to the high volume of traffic in these areas. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash with a tanker, it is important to speak with a Tanker Accident Lawyer right away.

The most common causes of tanker accident incidents are driver negligence and mechanical failures. The driver of a tanker can be distracted easily by cell phones, GPS devices, and other passenger passengers in the truck. This can lead to them taking their eyes off the road and causing a collision. The driver may also be rushing or driving recklessly. They might be speeding or changing lanes without signaling. A tanker driver can be held liable for these actions, especially if they were under pressure to get to their destination fast or if they are tired or stressed out.

Many accidents involving tanker trucks are caused by faulty mechanical parts and failure to perform routine maintenance. The vehicle’s brake system can be damaged from wear and tear or by improper maintenance. The fuel tank can leak if it isn’t properly secured or maintained. These problems can result in a fire or explosion, which is also dangerous for people nearby.

If a tanker crashes and spills its cargo, it could lead to toxic fume inhalation or water supply contamination. A toxic chemical spill can also be a major health risk because it can lead to cancer, respiratory disease, and other diseases. The victims of these accidents can be awarded damages for the cost of medical treatment, lost wages, loss of future income, pain and suffering, and more.

In addition to mechanical issues, tanker accidents can also be caused by a driver’s use of illegal drugs or alcohol. These substances impair the driver’s attention span, cognitive behavior capabilities, coordination, and perception. This can be dangerous for anyone on the road, but it is especially dangerous for truck drivers, who are required to follow strict regulations regarding drug and alcohol use.

Lastly, a tanker accident can be caused by negligent or reckless handling of the cargo inside the truck. For example, if the cargo is loaded incorrectly, it can spill or tip over, leading to an accident. The driver or the company that hired them may be liable for this type of incident.

If you are in a collision with a tanker truck, contact a White Plains Tanker Accident Lawyer right away. An experienced attorney can help you file a claim to recover damages for your losses. Nothing can reverse the permanent losses and catastrophic injuries that serious truck wrecks can cause, but seeking compensation can help you rebuild your life.